Cross Classical Academy’s mission is to partner with parents in a classical education setting to equip students with a biblical worldview, all to God’s glory.  We take seriously the privilege of being entrusted with funds by parents, grandparents, and supporters committed to Cross Classical Academy’s vision and goals.

Cross Classical Academy is a 501c3 non-profit, non-governmental/non-public school and an independent private Christian school without any affiliation to a local church or denomination. As such, we do not receive tax dollars from the state, county, or funds through a church’s budget received from tithes to sustain and enhance our programs.

Cross Classical Academy relies on the generous, tax-deductible gifts of those who share our vision. From current parents and grandparents to supporters and foundations, many are involved in meeting the financial needs to support the vision and expansion of Cross Classical.  In addition, providing financial support to Cross Classical Scholarship Fund allows us to offer this educational opportunity to families who otherwise would not be able to afford the tuition.  The leadership of Cross Classical Academy believes in helping  families whose children qualify to attend the school regardless of their financial resources.

Do you want to partner with our vision?  Every gift received is an investment that will provide Cross Classical the opportunity to enrich students with an education that will allow them to be the leaders of the next generation.  Please call for more information, or you may send any additional requests or gifts to: Cross Classical Academy, PO Box 1422, Brownwood, TX 76804

Our school is a ministry, and your financial support is such a blessing.  Your generosity will enable the school to continue the plan God laid before the founders in order to make Cross Classical Academy the finest independent, Christian, college-preparatory school for Christian families in our area.

May God bless you and your family.

In His Service,

Cross Classical Academy Administration, Staff, and Families


Cross Classical Academy partners with Christian parents to provide for their children a classical education founded upon a Biblical Worldview. This form of education trains children to love the Lord whole-heartedly and to become Christ-like leaders in their homes, churches, communities, and the world.



Cross Classical Academy
PO Box 1422
Brownwood, TX 76804

Financial Aid Application

Financial Aid Application