Programs and Methodology


At Cross Classical Academy, we aim to offer the highest degree of academic excellence by employing Christian, classical curricula within a unique University-Model course offering and schedule that preserves and strengthens the family relationship through increased time together. Both the educational approach and the model endorse the pursuit of virtue and wisdom in order to develop life-long learners and responsible citizens. We currently offer grades PK through 6th and will continue to add a grade each successive year through grade 8. Class sizes will remain small to foster individualized instruction and to enhance learning opportunities.


All students attend classes two days per week (Mondays and Wednesdays).  Grades 5-7 may enroll in optional half-day Friday study hall for an additional fee.  Students spend alternate days at home where parents continue the instruction and/or monitor student progress. Professional classroom teachers provide parents with detailed assignment sheets and instructions for days spent at home as well as class days. Parents need not have teaching experience.


The student body of Cross Classical Academy is selected through a formal application process.  Applications are made available to the parents of prospective students at informational meetings. Meeting attendance is required of both parents so that they may fully understand the expectations of their involvement in the education of their children at Cross Classical Academy. We ask each family to prayerfully consider its decision before completing and submitting the admissions forms. If, after processing the application, the admissions committee feels your family is a potential match for CCA, a family interview and placement testing will be scheduled once the application has been processed by the Cross Classical Academy admissions committee.


The purpose of Cross Classical Academy’s Code of Conduct is to promote a Christ-like attitude in its learning environment and to encourage the development of positive Christian relationships among its students. Virtues of Christian character such as respect for others and for God,
love, obedience, and service are strongly encouraged through the school’s Code of Conduct and character development program. Discipline concerns are brought to the parents’ attention and principles of Christian communication and confidentiality are maintained in all circumstances.


Cross Classical Academy’s uniform dress code is intended to reflect the school’s stated aims to honor God and disciple students. The purpose of a uniform is to instill an attitude of attentiveness and respect towards the students’ studies, to encourage modesty, decency, and propriety, to forge a distinctive school culture, and to de-emphasize the use of clothing as a significant means of establishing self-identity or gaining attention or social status.


Cross Classical Academy’s Core Curriculum consists of, but is not limited to, the following curriculi: All About Spelling/Reading, Horizon Math, Saxon Math, The Story  of the World, and Answers in Genesis.


Cross Classical Academy partners with Christian parents to provide for their children a classical education founded upon a Biblical Worldview. This form of education trains children to love the Lord whole-heartedly and to become Christ-like leaders in their homes, churches, communities, and the world.



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Financial Aid Application